What is Marketing?

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Firms do not have a choice about whether or not to carry out any marketing. Every organisation markets itself, if only through the kinds of products and services it offers and the standard of its customer service.

The only choice is between whether the marketing is done haphazardly or whether it is done systematically, through coordinating every aspect of the marketing effort. Marketing is often confused with selling or advertising. While both of these functions are involved, the total marketing effort also includes assessing customer needs and carrying out market research, together with the development of the product and its pricing, promotion and distribution.

The key task for any business is to get its marketing right, but this also means the company must be good at everything else from research and development to manufacturing and from quality control to financial control. Marketing does not function in isolation from other departments, but permeates the company. It is no more the exclusive responsibility of the marketing department than profitability is solely the responsibility of the finance department.

According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing it is ‘the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably’. This means getting the right product or service in the right place at the right time in the right quantities and at the right price to ensure enough profit for the



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