I’m Not Afraid To Look In The Mirror

As I stand here in front of my much too honest mirror, I can’t help but smile. This wasn’t always the case. For many years I had been in a constant battle with my weight. It all started after having my first child, and by the third I just could not keep all the baby weight off anymore. I had put on a total of fifty extra pounds since I had my first child. I tried everything from yoga to jogging. The problem that I have is that I just don’t have enough time in the day to go the gym or get in front of the television to workout to an exercise video. I would love to, but with working 60 hours per week and trying to raise a family time just slips by and before you know it I am running around trying to get the kids ready for bed and prepare to do it all over again the next day. It all changed about 1 year ago when I went to a meeting and saw a friend that I had know for a while. I couldn’t believe what I saw. She was in such great shape, which was not always the case for her. She had always carried her baby weight and struggled just as I did. I had to ask her how she was able to drop the weight. She told me about the HCG diet and how it has changed her life. She even teared up a bit while she was telling me about it. She also told me that she is selling HCG now as well. She told me that she is able to buy HCG wholesale and sell it at real for a huge profit. So not only has she lost weight, but she has also made enough money on the side that she has cut back to working part time. I decided that I had to find out more about this HCG diet. Over the next week my friend introduced me to numerous women that had been able to transform their lives doing the exact same diet. I made the decision to make it happen and try the diet myself.

She introduced me to others that had done the diet and who have lost the weight that they wanted from the HCG diet. I decided to take the next step and get on the diet. Well after three months on the diet I had lost over 50 pounds. I was so excited with my new look that I went out and bought a whole new wardrobe and got a new haircut. I hadn’t been this happy in a really long time.

After I dropped all the weight I had people ask me on a daily basis, how I was able to take so much weight off. They would continue their queries until I told them all about the HCG diet and how it worked. These question were almost always followed by “where do I get the product”. For a while I would give them my friends number that sold me the product. Then it hit me. “why would I pass up on all of these potential customers”?

I went out to search or a way that I could by HCG Wholesale just like my friend was. I knew that I was equally as smart, so I shouldn’t have any problem taking on this task. It didn’t take me long until I was able to find someone that I felt I could trust and that would give me a great price so that I could make a nice profit. They helped me place my first order of 50 bottles and even gave me some great advice on how to market the product.

Over the next few weeks word really got out that I was the person to talk to about the HCG diet. I started to get phone calls on my cell and at work from ladies that had heard from their friends the success that I had and that I could help them get started with the diet. I don’t think that a single day passed that I wasn’t asked by someone how to get on the diet or buy the product. I even did a few group presentations about the diet and how HCG works.

Well it has been about a year now since I had taken the leap of faith and start the diet. I have been able to accomplish everything that I set out to do. I have been able to keep all the weight off. I have also made enough money from selling HCG that I decided to cut back at work, which has allowed me the time to start working out at the gym and get into even better shape. However, the most important thing to me through this process is that I have been able to spend more time with my family. I would encourage anyone out there to try the diet and really stick with it. If it works for you then go out and spread the word. By the way, my husband has just started the diet. I think that he felt inspired after seeing what it has done for me. If you decide to sell the product just find someone that can sell HCG wholesale and you will be able to make great profits. Best of luck to all that embark on this amazing adventure.

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